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If you are considering going to school to get a degree in finance, you might be wondering what to expect. You may want to know about the kinds of classes you will be taking and what kind of jobs you might find once you graduate with your degree.

Recently picked up textbooks at the bookstoreMost finance students strive to complete a bachelor's degree. This undergraduate business degree program will usually take four years to complete and will prepare you for an entry position in a related finance field. While most students attend a traditional four-year university to complete their studies, more and more students are enrolling in online finance classes as well and earning college credits through online study.

While not all education subjects and college majors adapt well to online learning, finance is well-suited to web-based classes. Most students find that an online finance class is at least as easy as a classroom course, and most students found the online version much more convenient.

Finance majors will learn about acquiring business capital, financial economics, international business policy, cash flow, short-term capital management, corporate finance, ethics, business law and other topics. You will also be required to take specific classes in other disciplines, such as introductory accounting classes, microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics and some math classes.

During your junior and senior years, many students attempt to find an internship or summer position with a bank or large company. A successful internship or summer job will often lead to a job offer upon graduation.

As you near graduation, you can utilize your school's job search facilities to find a good entry-level position and get your career started.

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School of the Month:

The University of Michigan–Dearborn is a state college in Dearborn, Michigan. The offer B.B.A. degrees with core courses in Finance, Economics, Organization Behavior, Project Management, Managerial Communications, Law, Corporate Responsibility, Marketing, Business Policy, Decision Making, Information Systems and Operations Management.

Their finance majors can take courses in Financial Reporting, Commercial Banking, Corporate Study, Cost Accounting, Investment Fundamentals, Fixed Income Securities, Derivatives, Federal Income Taxation, International Financial Management, Corporate Models and Applications, Business Conditions Analysis and International Business.

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