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Most finance students graduate in four years with a bachelor's degree in business. One of the benefits about a finance degree (as compared with a general management degree) is that graduates understand much of the work they will be doing when they graduate, whereas a management degree prepares students to deal with people and situations, but not so much about facts and processes.

Graduates can also go on to further study and earn their master of business administration degree. An MBA is pretty important for employees in certain types of organizations.

At one time, not many people had MBA degrees, but that time is past. Now, it may be that many of your job competitors have an MBA, so you better get one too. Read more

You can find good colleges that offer finance degrees in all states. In the East United States, Southeast, North and West, you will have a lot of choices.

If you're not sure that finance is what you want to do, you can always consider some of the other traditional fields of study that generally lead to an interesting, well-paying job. Engineering comes to mind. There are lots of different types of engineers. You could probably find at least one area of engineering that you find interesting.

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