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If you're not sure if finance is the area where you want to devote your working hours to, you should take some time to consider some other fields before you make any decision.

Do you like watching those cooking shows on TV? People get paid to cook. Professional chefs work hard and need to perform every night, but most of them also get to sleep late in the morning and get to sample everything in the kitchen.

How do you become a professional chef? Most working chefs study at a culinary arts school for a year or more. Most big cities have culinary schools.

There are also some online cooking courses too. While you can learn a lot from online study, you still need a lot of actual kitchen experience using the knives, tools, stoves, pots and pans that you will be working with one day. See an example

Or maybe you want to combine the idea of working in a restaurant with a business career. Restaurants, hotels and resorts all need managers. While you don't necessarily need specific formal education to get such a position, there are hospitality management and restaurant management degree programs at some colleges. See an example

If you're still not sure, and if you have some time to decide, you can always just take a class or two in the subject you are considering and see how you like it. And it's easier to do with an online school than with a traditional campus college. See an example

Choices for students to investigate courses in areas such as graphic arts, history, advertising or chemistry.
Finance degrees get started with sorting through our short checklist of really good faculties.
Classroom options a couple of additional choices when thinking about your possible college.

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